Kingdom Whiskey

Welcome to Kingdom Tastings!

Starting Mid-May 2023, Kingdom Tastings will kick-off in Tralee, right in the heart of the Kingdom of Kerry. During these guided tastings, you can experience what Kerry-based spirit producers have to offer. This includes:

  • The Dingle Distillery (Milltown, Dingle)
  • Killarney Distillery (Scart, Killarney)
  • Wayward Spirits (Fossa, Killarney)
  • Killarney Brewing & Distilling (Fossa, Killarney)
  • Skellig Six18 (Cahersiveen)
  • Portmagee Whiskey (Portmagee)

About whiskey production in Kerry

When The Dingle Distillery started distilling in 2012, a new chapter for spirit production in the Kingdom of Kerry began. More than ten years later, multiple distilleries and bottlers joined the market. Though most have yet to release self-distilled whiskey, they started independent bottling, sourcing whiskey from other great Irish distilleries and maturing, blending and finishing them to their own preferences and for you to enjoy during your Kingdom Tastings experience.

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Kingdom Tastings

The county of Kerry is steeped in history and the most popular Irish region for people from all-over the world to visit. Kingdom Tastings was founded as an idea to showcase the landscape of whiskey making in this lovely part of the world.

About me

I’m a German whiskey writer and blogger living in Tralee. Over the last ten years, I travelled across Ireland, visited many distilleries, sampled their spirits and wrote articles, blog posts and social media content about my experiences. With Kingdom Tastings, I want to share these experiences with you and showcase the landscape of whiskey-making in the Kingdom of Kerry.

The Venue

For whiskey folks like me, Baily’s Corner is the one place to go in Tralee. Located in the lively heart of the town, it is hard to miss. The pints are great, their whiskey selection stands out and their knowledgable staff is a delight to talk to about new and upcoming releases and all things Irish whiskey.